written by Dana M Heyde OC Lawyer, March 2023 Vol 65 No.3 “Whos’ Who in the OCBA” This article is written to share information that was presented to Mommy Esquire members about the policy implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s...
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written by Dana M. Heyde OC Lawyer Magazine, March 2022 I read books to take a journey, but I never imagined the personal journey my love of books would take me on. As a child, I devoured the entire series of The Baby-Sitters Club. In the seventh...
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written by Anne Redcross Heehler and Dana M. Heyde   In the August 2023 volume 65 No 8 of OC Lawyer, attorney and partner, Dana M. Heyde co-authored the article “The Myth of Doing It All”. Here’s an excerpt: As the Co-Chair of the Mommy,...
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