Uncontested Divorce

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Uncontested Divorce

It is time for a new and less costly way to get divorced.

Did you know that you never need to see the inside of a courtroom when you get a divorce? As courts have become more impacted and the cost of getting a divorce has risen, separating spouses want a better way to sever their marital ties. Perhaps even more then the financial cost of a divorce, long drawn-out legal battles between spouses take a serious emotional toll on families.

Many parties know from the start that they will reach an out of court agreement to the issues in their marriage. They may have already spoken to one another and discussed parenting plans and how they will divide their assets. You know your family, your assets and your goals better than anyone. Choose an attorney that will help you achieve your goals through collaboration not litigation.

Uncontested Divorce Process

In an uncontested divorce, each party has their own attorney who is also committed to the process of working together to arrive at a marital settlement agreement instead of going to court.

This process only works when the parties trust each other and agree to compromise when they disagree.

It is imperative that the parties hire attorneys who also recognize the benefits of uncontested dissolution and are willing to working together to arrive at solutions for their clients.

The family law attorneys at Cottle Keen Lopiccolo & Heyde have a proven track record in assisting clients with uncontested divorces.

At CKLH, we believe in the power of negotiation to achieve our client’s goals.

We take pride in helping clients strengthen, not break, their family ties while ensuring that their legal rights are protected, and their future is secure.

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Attorney’s Fees

Unlike other areas of the law the Family Code provides that one party can pay for the other’s attorney’s fees so that there is equality in the legal process.

This legal right is not automatic. You must be prepared to present the Court with the evidence necessary to obtain or defeat an attorney’s fee request. The family law attorneys at Cottle Keen Lopiccolo & Heyde can help you understand whether you have a right to attorney’s fees or if you have exposure to paying for your spouse’s attorney. Call to request a consultation today.

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Clients Share Their Experiences

  • As hurtful as divorce is, Julie made the process easier to manage. She explained things clearly, gave fast and honest responses. and I felt that she was looking out for my interests. I felt very well represented. I also loved how efficient and professional Julie and staff were handling my case. I felt they cared about me.

    Carmen – Family Law Client
    A great law firm in Old Town Orange!
  • Julie is kind, professional and gave great advice She made going through something as stressful as a divorce more bearable. The staff was pleasant, professional, approachable, readily available with answers to my many questions.

    Family Law Client
  • Julie is fantastic and makes everything so easy for you! I enjoyed working with her very much. She was informative, communicative, timely, and diligent. Strongly recommend!

    Family Law Client
  • Awesome firm. That is why I recommended this firm to my friend and will continue to recommend people…I don’t give compliments unless they’re deserved. Bravo.

    Family Law Client
  • Julie’s response was always proactive and positive in a matter that kept changing. I am truly satisfied with the results. I would recommend the firm.

    Family Law Client
  • Dana Heyde was responsive to my questions and offered valuable options and recommendations. I was very pleased with how responsive and helpful Dana Heyde was. She kept me informed at every phase and was helpful in managing the cost and time involved.

    Post Judgment Support Client
  • Julie and team are amazing. They are so helpful and knowledgeable and respectful of my situation and the decisions I made. Ultimately, they are the reason I’m amicably divorced or I would still be in limbo. I have and will continue to recommend CKLH.

    Family Law Client
  • Julie was always reachable and helpful. She was honest and gave good advice. When she was on maternity leave the partners stepped in and were equally helpful.

    Family Law Client
  • Dana made the legal process easy and I feel that this firm is trustworthy. Great job and thank you.

    Family Law Client
  • My family law issue was resolved quickly with the help of CKLH. Will definitely refer friends to Julie.

    Family Law Client
  • This was one of the best legal experiences I’ve ever had. I was very pleased with the outcome and I was treated very well by the entire staff. I highly recommend this firm.

    Peter DiFilippo
    Family Law Client/Business Owner

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