Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Experienced litigation attorneys who find solutions when disputes arise close to home.

Owning real estate is a huge investment that can become very stressful when others impede your use of property. The attorneys at Cottle Keen Lopiccolo & Heyde rely on their negotiation skills to obtain the best solution possible. When litigation is needed, Clients take comfort in CKLH’s courtroom experience to help them navigate litigation and reach their desired outcome.

Cottle Keen Lopiccolo & Heyde has assisted property owners in several ways.


Fraud claims are some of the most common real estate disputes. To prevail on these claims, a buyer must prove that the seller harmed them by intentionally telling a lie or withholding facts about the property.

Property Line Disputes

Property line disputes generally occur between neighbors and arise from either encroachment or an issue with the recorded deed. Encroachment happens when there is a dispute over the location of the property. Sometimes this is due to a misunderstanding of property lines, or misinterpretation of the property records. Deed problems can occur when there is an error in the property description recorded. The most common issues arise when there is overlapping ownership, or where two people think they own the same portion of a piece of property.

Easement Dispute

Easement disputes usually occur between neighbors, especially when ownership of a property changes. An easement allows other people to use certain portions of your property. A neighbor may feel entitled to access a portion of your property because a previous owner allowed them to do so for years. It can be difficult to understand the easements associated with a certain piece of property.

Joint Ownership

When two or more unmarried people own property together in California, they have joint tenancy or tenancy in common. This means that all owners have the right to fully occupy the property. The owners cannot exclude the other owners from the property and cannot demand rent. All owners are entitled to proceeds from the sale of the property.  Issues of joint ownership usually occur when property is bequeathed to two or more people, and they have disputes over what to do with the property.

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  • While being a defendant is never welcome, Dana Heyde made the experience as comfortable as it could have been. She was knowledgeable about the law, paid excellent attention to my needs, and was open and available with communication.

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  • Great job Julie, I am so happy to have worked with you! Everything went smoothly on my matter and my case was resolved to my benefit.

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  • Words cannot describe how satisfied we are with this law firm. Julie is one of the most competent, persistent & professional attorneys I have ever witnessed in court and I would request her representation again without hesitation. The staff and attorneys were compassionate about our interests and always returned phone calls & emails timely. Julie is amazing and great at what she does and I will recommend this law firm to everyone I know.

    Real Estate Partition
  • Julie Lopiccolo has an excellent understanding of the law. She has a very professional demeanor but also has a human side to her and I always felt she was working towards my best interest. I cannot think of anything that I would change about my experience at CKLH! I am so happy that I found this firm.

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