By Dana M. Heyde You Are Being Asked To Be A Trustee It is an honor if a family member or friend has asked you to serve as trustee for their trust either during their life, or upon their death. This means they consider you among the most honest, reliable, and responsible people they know....
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What Can I Do If a Trustee Doesn’t Distribute the Assets?
A living trust is a written legal document that provides for the administration of an estate for the testator’s benefit during life, and then for their beneficiaries benefit upon death. A trust provides the opportunity to dictate how property will be disbursed upon death. It can also help ensure that assets will be managed according...
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The Perils of Probate
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” If you don’t have a trust and your estate is larger than $150,000, then your heirs can count on the certainty of Probate too. Probate is a court supervised process necessary to transfer assets to the decedent’s beneficiaries when a person dies without a...
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